I was sitting on my bed when I noticed one of my dolls was in an odd position.

I had three of the sitting on my shelf across the room. Molly (oldest), Samantha (middle), and Kirstin (Youngest).

They were all sitting on the shelf with their mini dolls sitting on their lap.

Except for Samantha- her arms were pointed straight out in front of her and she was missing her doll.

I got up to look for her mini doll, and found it in the trash. It seems like she had pushed it off of her.

I picked the mini doll out of the trash to but it back on Samantha’s lap, but she was now missing.

A few minutes later, Kirstin was missing too. The only one left was Molly.

I then received hand written notes. They were from Samantha. “I hate you. I am going to kill you.”

I started yelling saying “I’m sorry! You are the middle doll! That’s why you had to share things with Kirstin. Molly is the oldest! I love you all the same.”

This did not calm Samantha down. She attacked me and tried to kill me.

I woke up screaming just a little bit


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