All of the people in the company I work at and I were standing outside our building. Our new logo was added to our building, so we were all viewing it for the first time. Our building was near the ocean shore.

The president of our company was standing before us and was making a speech. All was well until he called me out.

He called me out- my whole name- in front of everyone in the company. He was complaining that the font in the logo did not represent our company at all.

I was the one who chose the font.

I stood up for myself. “That is standard font – Times New Roman – it’s nothing crazy! If you really had a problem with the font, you should have told me in private, and I would have changed it!”

I was livid.

The president didn’t say anything. We all went back inside.

I asked my coworkers if what I said was OK. They told me that I should have said something sooner- when the president paused in his speech because the ocean’s wave was really big.

Oh, well.


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