I was walking down a dirt road and there was a small construction site to my left.

I watched one of the big trucks (the one that gets filled with dirt) drive directly into a puddle.

The puddle was so large, and so deep, that the only thing visible of the truck was the roof.

I made eye contact with the construction worker on my right, and he said “What are you doing? He’s gonna drown! Call 911!”

I took my phone out of my pocket and started to dial.

This was my moment. A moment I have always wanted. To be the hero.

Now, I know I wouldn’t technically be the hero since I wouldn’t have been the one actually rescuing the guy, but if it weren’t for me, help wouldn’t come. I’d call that a win.

I looked down at my phone since it wasn’t ringing. I had dialed 189.

The truck in the puddle started moving in reverse, and made it’s way out of the puddle just fine and was now safe. He got himself out of his own jam.

Good thing since I was clearly incapable of dialing 911.

But it’s the thought that counts… right?


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