There was a state-wide scavenger hunt. I went to the mall and saw a large group of people searching in one of the restrooms for a clue. They were tearing it up looking for it.When no one found it, they left to search other places.

The restroom was now empty, so I went inside to look for the clue. I turned over the first barrel I saw (it was upside down) and lifted the small wastebasket that was underneath. I found a key chain with 2-3 purple feathers. This must be the clue.

I hid it in my pocket and left to find the coordinator. I found her in the hallway, which did not have a lot of people walking around.

I had the clue, but I need the riddle or rhyme to get the next location.

My friend walked up and solved it on the spot:

“Jack squeezed a lemon,

Jack ate a lime.

Jack found the feather just in time.”

The rhyme had the rhythm of “Jack be Nimble”

This was correct, and the coordinator gave me the next location. It was a candy store in a town a little ways out.

I asked my friend if he would go with me to help solve the riddle/rhyme, but he said it was too far away.

The winner of the scavenger hunt received $50,000. I had no problem with the drive.

I am able to find the clue, but I needed my friend to help. I had no idea how he figured out the rhyme. Oh, well.

I got in my car and headed toward the candy store. I was swerving everywhere. I couldn’t drive in a straight line, and couldn’t  stay on my side of the road. Probably because I wasn’t wearing any shoes and I was slipping in my socks. It could have also been the fact that I could barely reach the peddles. I was afraid of getting pulled over.

Who knows if I even made it to the candy store.


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