I was packing up to go hiking with one of my old softball coaches and players. Alumni were invited, so my friend and I were going.

I packed up a ton of layers. I remembered from years ago that it was really cold, and that it was July when we went hiking. This was December.

I packed about 3 pairs of socks (long and short), leggings, sweat pants, two gloves, two sweatshirts, a jacket and a hat. I think I packed a scarf too.

I was going to meet everyone there at 10:45 p.m. It was a two-hour drive.

I ended up getting there early, so I started making myself a quesadilla on the stove outside. But, my favorite burner, the back left one, was broken.

So instead, I went to the store next door to do some shopping. Why I didn’t try another burner, I have no idea.

I was looking in the clearance section and got some clothes and a puzzle for work.

I then realized it was 10:38, which meant I was running late. I hadn’t put on my extra socks, gloves, or any of the other warm clothes I had packed.

I rushed to get ready and up the mountain we went.

It was going to be a five-hour hike.

My old coach told me there was a vote, which meant we weren’t going to set up camp this year.

December. Snow. Hiking. 10:45 at night. Sounds like a grand time.


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