I was in my living room and I looked out the window. My car was parked on the street, and two girls were stealing it.

I followed them home and confronted them at their front door. I asked for their names.

One said her name was Frenchi, and the other only offered Gibberish for hers. I asked for their real names, but they insisted that they weren’t lying.

I took my keys back from them and walked away.

It was then dusk, so there wasn’t much daylight left. I found myself in the girls’ kitchen. The lights were off, so it was dark inside as well.

I heard them coming, so I hid under the counter in the center on the kitchen. I could see and hear others hiding as well. I guess I wasn’t the only one the girls have wronged.

We all waited for them to leave before coming out form our hiding spots.

I had already gotten my car keys back, so I am not sure what my intentions were.

But I did know there was a missing child, a little girl, who lived in this house.

I talked about the little girl with the other intruders. I could picture her playing outside.

The house was on top of a large, steep hill with a good sized back yard. There was a windmill in the back yard and a water wheel attached to the house.

There was also a ship steering wheel in the back right hand corner of the yard. I could picture her pretending to run a pirate ship.

I don’t know if she was ever found.


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