I was moving into my dorm room for college. It was a single and it was a massive room.

I was trying to figure out where to put everything (my desk, TV, Bed, etc.) I looked around the room and noticed on the right side a large open doorway that lead to a wide, long hallway.

I started to worry about people coming in and stealing my things. I followed the hallway to see where it led.

A little ways down, on the right side of the hallway was a tall staircase (maybe going 2.5 stories up) From where I stood, it looked like the staircase lead to a large football stadium full of people, but it wasn’t. It was an illusion. I could even hear the crowd roaring.

I climbed up the stairs that lead to the “stadium”. An old man and his grandson (maybe ten years old) were running toward me when I reached the top. I knew them.

The old man said we had to get out of here now.

We ran down the stairs. I told them They could hide in my room.

As we were running (at the slow speed of the old man) the old man and the boy were telling me what they saw. They were exploring the haunted mansion. They saw a burning statue of a knight.

“It was beautiful,” the little boy said.

I lead them to my room and brought them out to the common area on campus. There was a cat shelter [that looked like the one I had seen on TV that night]

The old man and boy knew the people who were hanging around the shelter. They were telling everyone about the open hallway in my room that lead to the haunted mansion.

I never found out what they were running from.


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