My boyfriend and I were driving on a new two-lane road. He was swerving from one side of the lane to the other.

There was a police car tailgating us and I was worried that we were going to get pulled over. [seems like a reoccurring theme]. We didn’t get pulled over, but we ended up at a hospital. My boyfriend dropped me off and I went in to visit a sick child.

The little boy I visited was blind and possibly def. The doctor was telling me about the condition of the child. “His waste is worth $2,000.” There was one on the bed. It was a small muffler, maybe 8″ long.

The doctor disposed the waste and mentioned how heavy it was. He struggled picking it up.

The doctor left, so now it was just me, the boy and the nurse. The nurse tried to make small talk with me. She asked about the new two lane road.

I said it was good, but I wished it was three lanes.

She agreed. “It is too narrow and drive too fast. It’s just too crowded.”

I asked her if she made jewelry. She said “no.”

I was sitting next to the sick child’s bed finishing up a wire bracelet. I then switched to making a string friendship bracelet. I showed it to the nurse.

You’d think I’d make one for the sick child.



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