I was in a large house with three other people (my friend, a man and a woman). We were on the first floor in a small open room that was kind of a small hallway.

One of them, the older woman, wanted to play a game to show my friend and me how haunted this house was.

There were two queen beds next to each other. A few feet from the foot of the beds was a closed door. The woman explained that we had to lay down on the beds. We couldn’t move since the creatures would be able to see movement. We also had to cover ourselves and hide under a blanket. We couldn’t have any skin showing, or the creatures would touch the exposed skin and suck the life out of you. If we needed to move to cover ourselves, we should.

She started to say more, but a light was shining through the cracks of the door and it slowly started to open.

The man went to the bed on the right, and my friend, the woman and I went to the bed on the left. There was only one blanket, which barely covered the three of us.

I left an opening so I could see these creatures. The door opened all the way and two creatures came out. One creature went to our bed, and the other went to the man’s bed.

They were tall, skinny, dark hooded figures. I couldn’t see their face. They reminded me of the Dementors from Harry Potter.

The creatures floated in slow circles around out beds. I was fighting with my friend and the woman, who both kept pulling the blanket off of me.

The woman got up from under the covers and stood next to the bed. “Be safe and stay covered,” she said to us as the two creatures (with a third that came out of the door) rushed toward her. They touched her skin and sucked the life out of her. She fell limply to the floor. She had sacrificed her life for ours.

My friend and I covered ourselves but left a hole for us to peak through. We watched the creatures float around the beds again, but this time there were two at our bed and only one at the other.

At one point, my right leg got out from the covers, which I didn’t notice at first. One of the creatures started to reach it’s hand toward my ankle (where there was a small slice of skin between my sock and skinny jean). I quickly reached down and pulled my pant leg down enough to cover my skin. The creature stopped reaching out and continued to float around the bed. I could feel it’s anger.

Eventually, the creature’s time ran out, and they went back through the door. The door closed behind him, and they light from the door was gone.


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