I was walking through a museum of TV show/ movie sets. I was with my friend Joey, who was recording our walk-through. We stopped at one of the sets from a movie. All of the props were there too.

I picked up a top hat that was on the table from the set. I remembered from the movie that this top hat could shrink things. In the movie, one man put another man’s arm in the hat and that man’s arm shrunk.

I called Joey over, who was still recording, and showed him the hat. I told him to stick his arm out.

I put his hand in the hat, and to my surprise, his hand started shrinking. I ended up putting his whole arm in the hat, and when I took it off, Joey’s arm had shrunk into a nub.

He was laughing, so I started to laugh too to cover up the panic brewing inside me. I didn’t think the hat would have worked.

I stuck his hand (or nub, rather) back into the hat, pretending I knew what I was doing.

I slowly pulled the hat away, and to my relief, his arm was back to normal.



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