I was back in school and classes were over for the day.

At the end of each day, Dunkin Donuts coffee and hot chocolate were provided. I had my cup ready to get some hot chocolate, but I couldn’t find the table with the drinks. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it.

It was dark now, so I gave up looking and left to go home, but I didn’t know they way.

I ended up on a really colorful block, which looked familiar. The shops were very small and close together. They looked like they were made out of plastic.

I walked by one store that was bright pink and looked like it could only fit ten people at a time at the most. It was a candy store and it reminded me of Candy Land.

I knew I had been here before, but I still couldn’t find my way around. It was very crowded with people walking around and playing games. It was like an outdoor arcade.

I walked down the street and found a home decor store that looked interesting, so I went inside to look around.

I looked at a bunch of Buddha figurines. I liked the figurine of Buddha sliding down a small waterfall. I thought about getting one for my boyfriend.

I never got my hot chocolate.


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