I was in a barn- it was large and very open with pens for the animals on the left wall. There were no walls on the right.

I was inside with the farmer while the barn was on fire.

The farmer and I split up to get the animals to safety. I’d take care of the goats and sheep and their babies while he took care of the cows and pigs.

I carried each baby goat and lamb outside first (there were about 10 of them). I took them to the fenced in area behind the barn, which was safe.

Once all the baby goats and lambs were safe, I went back for the adults. I picked up one sheep, and as I was carrying her out, I thought about how soft her wool was.

I got all of the adult goats and sheep to safety. The fire was spreading and I started to worry that we wouldn’t get all of the animals out in time.

I went back to get the cows and pigs, but the farmer came out and told me the cows were all safe.

“What about the pigs?”

The farmer went back in the barn, and a few seconds later came back out with a treat in his hand. Three pigs were in a line following him.

He brought them to the fenced in area. We were able to get all of the animals to safety.


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