I was in a mini van parked outside a building with my boyfriend and two other people. I was sitting in the middle row. The sliding door was open.

A girl came over to our van and asked if she could come in. We said yes.

She came inside and crawled to the back window. She pulled out a large BB gun, which looked like a shot gun. She opened the back window from the bottom, stuck the nose of the gun out and shot a guy who was sitting at a picnic table about 60 feet away.

She crawled back to the front of the van laughing. She told me what she did. I told her that wasn’t a good idea.

She disagreed and crawled back to the back of the van and shot the man again. She then came back to the laughing and stepped out of the van.

We quickly tried to slide the door shut, but she was very strong and wouldn’t let us close it. She came back inside.

She headed to the back of the van to shoot the guy again, but this time my boyfriend and the two others grabbed the gun. The gun pointed at me and it fired, but I didn’t get hit.

They got the gun away from the girl, who was screaming. I twisted her arm and got her out of the van.

We closed the van door, but with some struggle since she was pulling it in the other direction.

She was a cannibal (or maybe a flesh eating demon).



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