I was in the ocean with about 50 other people. We were all swimming in the same direction- away from the small island behind us.

We were all swimming to a college the cannibal (or flesh eating demon) really wanted to go to.

I tried to swim in the opposite direction toward the island instead, but the cannibal wouldn’t let me.

She bit me on my arm.

I tried tricking her by swimming in the same direction as everyone else, and when she wasn’t looking and distracted, I headed back to the island, but she caught me and bit me on my arm again.

I grabbed her head, which was now just a shrunken head. My hand was on her neck and she bent her neck over to bite me again.

I had to grab further down her neck so she couldn’t reach.

I told the authorities nearby and her and taped her eyes and mouth shut.

I threw her head back into the ocean. I started to swim to the other side of the island.

I thought if I change my email address, she wouldn’t be able to find me.

Yeah, that should do it.



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