I went to the pet shop to get a mini turtle. I was with my friend Anthony.

The owner of the shop showed us a bowl of turtle eggs that we could choose from. The eggs were a littler smaller than marbles and brightly colored.

I picked the blue one.

The owner explained that the egg will hatch by the heat of my hand. I wondered why he didn’t keep the eggs in a cooler area if that were the case.

The egg hatched in my hand, but it wasn’t a turtle. It was a lizard.

He was small and was running everywhere- I kept losing him.

He couldn’t talk, but I was able to communicate with him through thought.

The lizard explained to me that he was a black tail lizard due to his black tail. The rest of him was green.

I asked him if that meant if he pulled his tail off it would grow back.

He said “yes” and demonstrated.

I showed him his new home (a tank with water, grass (with other plants) and shelter. It was nicely decorated).

I tried to get the lizard to stay in the tank and go to sleep so I could take him home, but he kept running out of the tank.

I thought he could use a friend, so I got another egg. This time it hatched into a turtle (but I wasn’t able to communicate with the turtle like I could with the lizard).

I put the turtle in the tank and he seemed happy.

The lizard continued to run around everywhere.

Anthony was singing and it started to annoy me.


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