There was a zombie apocalypse. I was living in a fenced in basketball court with a few other people.

A witch came up to the fence and started clawing at it. She looked kind of like a crazed zombie. She was screaming and trying to get inside.

We were then in a graveyard. There was a regular 6 foot deep grave.

The witch had turned into a doll that was about three feet tall. She was in a doll box that had a plastic window so you could see her head and shoulders.

A woman was there too. She was filling up a treasure chest full with dirt. Once it was full, she tried to dump the dirt from the treasure chest into the grave, but she was struggling since it was heavy.

I went over to help her. We dumped the dirt into the grave. The doll box was at the bottom of the grave with the witch still inside as a doll.

The dirt fell right side up- it stayed in the shape of the treasure chest. I used my shovel to spread out the dirt. The witch was yelling and screaming in the box.

She was moving around violently to try to get out.

I quickly threw more dirt over the box so that it would be too heavy for her to move and escape.

She was still screaming like a lunatic as we threw dirt on top.


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