I was in a candy store getting candy for myself and my friends.

One of my friends came up to me with two different bags of popcorn. She told me to pick one.

I picked the one on the left- the butter flavored popcorn.

My friend said, “No, we are going to try the new flavor: chocolate pudding popcorn.”

We both tried it and it was gross.

We left the candy store, but there was another store (a clothing store) that was handing out free candy. They had Tootsie Rolls, which I wanted to take, but the employees were watching me. It made me feel like I was stealing, so I didn’t take one.

My friend got some for me and handed me the candy. The employees looked at me as if I stole it. We left and I went home.

I was in my backyard where there was a giant Donkey Kong.

I felt like Mario, except instead of defeating Bowser, I had to defeat Donkey Kong.

I lured Donkey Kong over to me and hid behind a bush. DK jumped in the air, and when he landed, I had to time my jump so that I wouldn’t get hurt from the vibrations on the ground.

I then ran up behind him and kicked his back 3-4 times. I did this a few times, being careful not to spill my bag of candy.

I’m pretty sure I defeated him.


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