I was at a wedding with my family. It was for my cousin Danielle. We were in a small room where the ceremony was taking place and I was in the back row.

The wedding was starting. The flower girls and bridal party started walking down the aisle.

My cousin was a few minutes late. When she entered, I didn’t recognize her. I felt bad that I didn’t remember what my cousin looked like.

Some people stood up, but most remained seated in confusion and didn’t know what to do. I was confused too.

A few family members got up and went over to the bride. They gently guided her out of the room. It was the wrong Danielle. She was the wrong bride.

My cousin, the right Danielle, showed up. I recognized her.

My family found the coordinator to tell her that the wrong bride showed up. The wrong Danielle didn’t know what was going on. They had to be careful with what they say and do so she doesn’t lose her mind.

The wrong bride was taken away and the wedding continued with the right Danielle.

The reception took place outside. One of the male coordinators was still decorating when we showed up. It was pretty plain- the only decorations were flashing lights that we couldn’t see since it was too bright outside. They were for nighttime.

Everyone was hungry and waiting to get food. Two people were able to get food- one had chicken fingers and the other a salad.

The coordinator announced that they ran out of food. They had to go out and get more fast.

A bunch of their workers went out in the middle of an intersection where there were a bunch of chickens running around. Each worker had plastic bags filled with boiling grease.

They grabbed the chickens and put them in individual bags to fry them.

All the chickens were fried. Feathers, beak, and all.


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