I was in a team race- two teams of four. We had to pick and choose obstacles to overcome throughout the race.

It was toward the end of the race. We had two options. I can’t remember what the other option was, but we chose to go to the softball field outside that was covered with hidden land mines.

We had to uncover all the mines without setting any off.

My friend Keith went on the field first. I called out to him to be careful where he walked so he wouldn’t set off any mines. We were trying to figure out how to find the mines without stepping on them.

Keith was walking up the first base line. I was holding a map that showered where all the mines were. As he walked, I noticed that I could see his footsteps on the map (like the map in Harry Potter).

I told him to stop and uncover the mine that was right in front of him. He continued to around the diamond quickly, and uncovered the mines with my guidance.

I was getting mad that he was hogging all the mines- I wanted to uncover some of them too. I asked him if we could switch, but he ignored me.

Finally, I got him to stop and I went to the outfield to find the mines out there. I found one in left field, but on my way to the next one in center field, a bunch of teens started walking on the field. We were taking too long- the school nearby let out the students.

I wanted to get the one on the pitcher’s mound, but one of the teens beat me to it.

One of the students purposefully set off the mine in center field. I was mad.

I’m pretty sure we lost the race.



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