I was a kid, maybe ten years old.

I was hanging with my friend. We wanted to go through this obstacle course and climb on the different structures, but we had a hard time climbing the first one.

We sensed that something was wrong, and we needed to hide.

There was a building nearby (a small abandoned mall). We both went inside, but hid in different rooms.

The room/store I hid in had floor to ceiling glass windows and no doors. I could see out into the hallway.

A creature was walking around. I knew it was looking for children to eat. It was small (maybe 4′ tall), dark, hunched over, and moved slowly.

I had to keep still. If I knew if I didn’t move, he wouldn’t be able to see me.

It briefly came into the room I was hiding in, but left after looking around once. It headed to another room down the hall- the cookies and candy room. It knew that children like sweets.

My friend and I waiting for the creature to go into this room. We then came out of hiding and ran away.


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