Some sort of apocalypse was going on.

I was with a few of my friends. Half of our house was destroyed, but the main foundation was still standing. We were gathering supplies: food, tools, clothes, etc.

We weren’t the only people living there- strangers had taken over our home, so we had to get the supplies first and leave.

One of my friends tried to get rid of one of the intruders in our house. She was yelling at them to get out, but this wasn’t our home anymore. In a blink of an eye, it was every man for himself.

We had to leave. This was their home now.

I tried to trade some of my supplies with an older man. I wanted to trade something of mine for his plastic straw. He told me to make him an offer, so I looked through the supplies I had gathered. I found some plastic forks. Trading a fork for a straw seemed reasonable to me.

I made the offer to the man, but he turned it down. He was asking for way too much in exchange for a straw.

I went upstairs to get ready to leave. There were a few other people looking for supplies as well. I opened one of the cabinets- it was full of writing and office supplies another girl had left behind.

I grabbed as many notebooks, note pads, sticky notes, pens, and pencils as I could fit in my backpack.

I knew these supplies would weigh me down, but I couldn’t think about living in a world without them. It was for entertainment and for my sanity.

Before I left the house, I ran into the same man who wouldn’t trade his straw for my fork. I remembered he was a family friend. We got him a chocolate balloon for Christmas this year. It was full of confetti.

He did like it, but I guess it wasn’t good enough for him not to hold this grudge against me.

I left the house alone to try to find a new place to sleep. One of the trees on the sidewalk I walked by had a large hole in it. It was big enough for me to easily fit through.

I looked inside to see if this place was good for me to sleep in. It was bright and there was a long tunnel covered in spider webs.

This looked like the place where the creatures came out of, which started this whole apocalypse.

I wasn’t going in there, so I moved on to find another place to sleep.

I never saw what these creatures looked like.



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