I, along with 4-5 other people, volunteered to visit an elderly couple at an old folks home. The others were reluctant, but I tried to get them to be in a better mood to make the old couple happy (perhaps I should use the word “volunteer” lightly).

We got the the old folks home around 8am and were supposed to spend the entire day there (12 hours so we’d be there until 8pm).

We went inside the old couple’s home and sat in their living room. The old man came in and was very excited. He suggested some games we could play. He said it was too early for board games- that would wait until the evening. He also suggested we go to Friendly’s for dinner. I was excited about that.

We started off playing a virtual reality game. I put on the head set. This was a dart game where you were controlling the dart to try to hit the target. There were different levels, and some targets were more points than others.

We played this for a while, then the couple took us for a tour around their home.

They kept saying how much they loved it, but it was very messy and there were big rats crawling around everywhere.

We then went outside to go for a walk. IT was fall- there were a lot of leaves on the ground- some were raked into big piles.

A grey squirrel was playing in the leaves. I was then a squirrel myself and started running around the yard.

The elderly couple did not appreciate that I was now a squirrel. They told me I was no longer welcome in their home due to my choice of becoming a squirrel.

I wouldn’t leave the yard, so the old lady picked up a shovel and ran at me. I also found a shovel and used it to defend myself (not sure how I had the strength to pick it up as a squirrel).

The old lady swung her shovel at me, so I swung mine back. We fought for a minute, and the old man started yelling at me that I was to never come back.

Later that day I snuck into their home to steal food. I opened a can of Spaghettios that was in their cabinet.

I was bummed that I had to eat it cold since squirrels can’t use microwaves.

Apparently, they can pick up shovels just fine and use a can opener properly, but microwaves are a no go.


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