I was at my friend Rachel’s house. We were on her indoor balcony watching her family downstairs play floor hockey.

Her pregnant mother was playing too, and she was kicking butt.

After the game, we had to carry Rachel’s pregnant mother up the stairs. I tried to help- I carried her from under her arms and was the lead up the stairs.

Rachel and her brother got her legs. They were moving too quickly up the stairs. I kept losing my balance since they were not giving me enough time to advance to the next step. I kept falling on my side.

Once we got her mother upstairs, Rachel and I went to her room. I could tell that she was mad about something.

She dumped her basket of clean laundry on the floor that had been in her room for two months. A single glove fell from this pile. It was mine, so I picked it up.

I told her I had been looking for this glove for months. She didn’t respond at first.

She then said, “I don’t think we should be friends anymore.”

I asked her if it was because of the way I carried her pregnant mother up the stairs- she confirmed.

I explained to her that she was moving too fast up the stairs and did not give me enough time to get to the next step. That’s why I kept falling over.

She understood, but didn’t say anything else. She still didn’t want to be my friend.

I got up with my single glove and left.



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