I was home binge watching a new show with my family. There were only two episodes left.

I looked at the time and hadn’t realized it was almost 8:30pm. It was still bright as day outside.

I had to get back to college by 10pm for a dance. My school was 2.5 hours away.

I had to get ready for the dance. I looked everywhere in my house for a dress to wear. I found a red and black dress that I had bought that day, but when I put it on, it turned blue with black polka dots.

I hate polka dots.

I found a different blue dress, put it on and found shoes to wear.

I turned around and Homer Simpson was behind me. I asked him if he could use his “unrealistic cartoon logic” to get me to the dance on time.

He said no problem.

I was then hand gliding my way to school with his son, Bart Simpson.

We got most of the way there when we had to land. We ran to a boat for the remainder of the journey.

As we ran, I was straightening my hair with my old straightener. It wasn’t plugged into anything, but it still worked perfectly. My hair looked great.

I don’t know if we made it to the boat on time.


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