My boyfriend, Luciano, and I were waiting in line to board a plane. I was last in line, and he was ahead. As I waiting in line, I bought some books to read on the plane.

While we were waiting in line, a man took out a gun from his bag. He was pointing it around the room. I also had a gun in my bag, so I took it out. He shot at me, but missed. I shot him in the hand so he would drop his gun. Security then took him away.

When I went to board the plane, an attendant told me there wasn’t a seat for me. I was afraid I would miss the flight and be left behind. The attendants were talking with one another trying to figure out the situation. As they were conversing, another attendant came off the plane- the plane was about to take off- they had to get everyone on the plane.

Through the chaos, I made it on board. The plane was very large, but didn’t look like a plane at all. There were rooms on either side of the plane, each having multiple beds. The rooms were separated by gender- boys on the left, and girls on the right.

Luciano and I went to the dining room for dinner. Some of my friends were on board as well, and were eating with us. I was upset since my friends were all assigned to the same room, and I was the only one assigned to room number 11. I would be sharing this room with a bunch of women I did not know.

After dinner, we went to look for our rooms. Luciano and I headed to the hallway. The other passengers were roaming around the hallway.

Something was off.

The passengers looked like they had been brainwashed. There were just quietly walking around aimlessly. or just shifting their weight from side to side.



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