The flight crew were starting to give off a creepy vibe as well. The man who had the gun while we were waiting in line was on board. He seemed to be buddy-buddy with the flight crew.

Luciano and I headed back to the dining room to avoid the flight crew and passengers. He didn’t believe me that something was terribly wrong on this flight.

There were tons of papers on the tables. Each one had instructions on the life you wanted to live.

One said: To run the fastest and win all races, you must go back to what you were doing in October 2015.

Another gave instructions on where to go after the plane crashes: Turn left toward the pile on debris caught on fire, then turn right…

We had to pick one of these instructions, and follow what it said.

Now that he’s read these instructions, Luciano believes me. We tried to hide in the basement of the plane, but the crew easily found us. I was terrified. One of the crew members asked me if I wanted an oyster. Thinking it was poisoned, I said no.

My boyfriend got us both oysters, and we pretended to eat them. I handed the crew member the empty shells.


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