I invited a few of my friends over to hang out at my house.

I could hear a faint noise (like white noise) coming from the basement. I thought it was my old TV, so I went down to take a look and turn it off.

I opened a door that lead to a small storage room in the basement. The white noise was louder now, but I couldn’t find the TV, so I closed the door and headed back upstairs.

My friends were talking. I asked them if they had seen my boyfriend, but no one had seen him in a while.

I talked with my friends for a little bit. I ended up spilling red wine on my favorite sweatshirt [the same one I had fallen asleep in that night]. My friend Kirstin and I went to the basement (where my washer and dryer are) to get the stain out.

When we got to the bottom of the stairs, I noticed that the door to the small storage room was open, and the lights were on. I knew I closed it earlier. We always kept it closed.

I could hear the white noise again. I opened the door and stepped inside the storage room. This time I saw my TV in the middle of the room. It was on- the screen was snow.

I turned off the TV.

Right when I turned it off, the bookcase to my left opened into a new right- like secret passage. This room was identical to the storage room I was in. All of the same storage items were in the same place (jackets, boxed, decorations, etc.)

I could hear white noise again. I stepped into this secret room and looked at the screen on the TV that was in the middle of the floor. I went to turn it off, but when I looked at the scree, I saw myself moving in that room, as if I was being watched.

I ran out of the room without turning off the TV. I called for Kirstin in the basement, but she wasn’t there. I ran upstairs- now my boyfriend and Kirstin were both missing.

I found my co-worker, Lorraine, and told her what was happening. I was afraid she wouldn’t believe me, but she believed every word I told her. She suggested I call their cell phones to see if they answered.

I called both of them, but the calls only went straight to voicemail.










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