My house had a few different apartments. I was searching for a room I could use for myself- to relax and watch TV in peace.

My neighbor had a cool room in their attic, like a cupola, which they never used. Our attics were connected, so I went upstairs to sneak into that cool room. I peeked around the corner into my neighbor’s attic, but I could hear her coming up the stairs. She then appeared on her side of the attic, so I hid and waited for her to leave.

She never left, so I went back downstairs to hopefully find a new place. The downstairs apartment, which was in the basement, was vacant, so I went to see if I could get in.

The door was unlocked. I went through the kitchen to get to the small living room. It was still furnished. I sat in the recliner chair and watched TV. I had left the front door open.

I was there for a while. I had a feeling that this place was haunted- I kept waiting for something to happen (like the TV changing channels on its own) but nothing happened.

Finally, I heard a door shut. I got up and went to the kitchen- the front door had slammed shut.

I tried to turn the knob, but it wouldn’t budge.

I started yelling for my brother and my neighbors to help me. My brother came down and was able to unlock the door from the outside. As we went upstairs. I told him about the apartment being haunted.

By the time we got to the kitchen table, I realized I forgot my book in the downstairs apartment. My brother came with me this time so I could get my book.

When we got to the apartment, I took some plates and bowls from the cabinet and put them in the doorway so the door wouldn’t be able to close. I stacked the bowls and plates up so that they would be too heavy to slide out of place.

The door kept trying to close on its own, but the dishes wouldn’t move.

I grabbed my book in the other room, along with a few craft items I left behind (like some beads and charms).

I kept anticipating something happening- like the lights going off, or dishes flying off the shelves, but nothing happened.

My brother waited for me in the kitchen. I met back up with him- the door was still open.

We left the downstairs apartment and closed the door behind us.







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