There were a ton of birds in my back yard; I had never seen these types of birds before. There was a nest in one of the trees. One of the large birds (which was about 3 feet tall- it looked like a fat brown/red flamingo) was in the nest.

I went inside to get my camera. I tried to zoom in to get a good shot of the large bird in the nest, but every time I pointed my camera at the bird, it got angry.

I tried to take a take a quick picture, but my camera wasn’t working. As I was trying to fix my camera, another 3-foot fat flamingo bird was coming my way. It was protecting the one in the nest.

I tried one last time to get a picture of the one in the nest, but my camera still wasn’t working. The bird looked like it was going to attack me, so I went inside.

My camera battery was low, so I switched it out for a fully charged one. I looked out my window and saw that the bird was still in the nest. This time I could also see its babies pop their head up to eat.

I quietly went back outside and hid around the corner of my house so that the birds wouldn’t see me. I peeked my camera around the corner so I wouldn’t startle the birds. A bunch of cats had come into my yard.

I could have taken really nice pictures of both the cats and the birds, but my camera still wasn’t working. I could see on my camera screen perfect close-up pictures, but my camera wouldn’t take the shot.

So many missed opportunities.


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