My family and I were going on a vacation. We started our travel by foot. There was a park where other families were having picnics, so we stopped there for lunch.

As we were settling, a large beaver was roaming around. It climbed up a nearby tree and jumped onto another family.

Everyone backed away from the beaver. It looked mad. A mother picked it up to get it away from her children. I was worried she would get bit- the beaver looked like it was full of diseases, like rabies.

The beaver climbed up another tree and jumped on a 4-year-old who was not paying attention.

We left to catch a train to get to our hotel. We were staying on the Titanic, though it didn’t look like a boat.

We made friends with another family on the train who were also staying on the Titanic. They were friendly until we got to our rooms. My family’s room was in the Yellow section, and their room was in the Red section. They were second class, and we were third class.

They didn’t speak to us anymore.

My family and I went into our room. We had to set up our lock for the front door. It was a color-coded lock- we had to choose one of three designs, which were very detailed and intricate, and chose a color for each section.

We chose the design with 4 separate circles that each had a design with different shapes within the circles. I was worried about how we were to remember the colors since the pictures were so detailed.

We tried to make the colors simple so we could remember, but we kept having to change the colors on the lock since my brother kept shouting out what we set it as.

It seemed like a lost cause, though, since there was an opening on the other side of our room that lead to the public hallway.

I left the room to explore the rest of the hotel. When I got back to the room, I couldn’t remember the color scheme we chose, so I waited by the pool outside our room.

I guess I didn’t think to go in through the opening on the other side.


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