I was going to Mexico with my boyfriend and a few other people to swim/snorkel with whale sharks.

I decided to go last minute, so I had to rush to pack. I was worried I didn’t have enough shorts to workout in, even though I knew I wasn’t going to be working out.

I was able to find enough shorts, so I packed those and headed to the airport.

We got on a small, personal plane. I asked out guide when we were going to take off. He said we weren’t flying until tomorrow. For now, we were traveling on wheels- our plane traveled as a car on the main roads.

I looked out my window and saw that our plane didn’t have wings (I assume they were taken off so we could be on the road with cars). I was worried that the crew would forget to put the wings back on before we were actually going to fly.

I guess we were already in Mexico, or in another country at least, since the guide was showing us historic sites as we drove.

We drove right by a famous statue of a woman that had been there for centuries. This statue is hard to get a close view of since it is in the heart of the country.

We had to sleep on the plane that night. When we got to a parking stop to settle for the night, I realized I forgot all of my snorkeling gear: my mask, snorkel, flippers, wet suit, camera, everything.

I was wondering why my suitcase was so light and spacey.

If only I wasn’t so fixated on my gym shorts…


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