I was walking down the street with my friend Ashley. We were in a quiet neighborhood.

A guy on his motorcycle was riding around us doing tricks (like wheelies) trying to impress us, but he was also being a jerk. He was trying too hard and acted like he was the best thing that had ever lived.

My boyfriend came by on his motorcycle and did some tricks-better tricks- of his own. He was doing BMX type tricks on his motorcycle. Such as spinning the handle bars around, bunny hop, etc.

The jerk road away without saying anything.

Ashley asked my boyfriend is she could ride his bike -he said yes. She rode his bike down the street like a natural.

It was my turn next. I had never rode on a motorcycle before, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to stop.

At this point, I knew I was dreaming. I could do anything I wanted and not have to worry about getting hurt since this wasn’t real. I closed my eyes and visualized a motorcycle falling from the sky in front of me, and that I got on it and rode it with ease.

I opened my eyes, but nothing happened. I tried to concentrate harder, but I ended up falling forward.










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