I landed on a bed- I was now indoors. Ashley was standing next to the bed. Even though I was laying down, I still felt like I was falling. I was uncomfortable and afraid the feeling wouldn’t go away. Ashley tried to calm me down as I described this feeling to her.

I then fell through the bed and was now in space- Ashley was there too. The motorcycle jerk, along with a friend of his, were there too.

We were all moving fast and headed toward a black hole. Ashley and I were able to move far enough to the right to miss getting sucked into the black hole, but the jerk and his friend were not so lucky. They both got sucked in.

I guess they got what they deserved, in a cruel way.

Ashley and I landed on a planet far from earth. The sky was dark and the planet was covered in sand. A bunch of other people were here too. Everyone was digging in the sand.

I was afraid that this group of people were trying to take over the planet and were dangerous.

I started digging too, and found one of my blankets in the sand. I picked it up and looked at Ashley in confusion. She explained that everything from Earth scattered around the universe- people were just trying to find their belongings.

I continued to dig to see what else I could find.


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