I was in a 10 story house. I had brought home 10 babies. Half the time they were my babies (in the beginning) and the other half they were someone else’s, and I was their babysitter.

Each baby had their own floor in the house. I had to go from floor to floor to take care of each baby individually.

The house gave a vibe that it was haunted, but nothing ever happened. It just had an eerie feeling.

I was alone taking care of these babies. My boyfriend finally came over to help me. We gathered all the babies downstairs, but we were missing two. All the babies looked alike, but my boyfriend was able to tell who was who. He also knew all of their names, and I felt bad that I didn’t know their names, since at this point they were all my babies.

I had turned on all the lights on in every room on every floor, which made me feel better since the house may have been haunted. I found the two missing babies and brought them downstairs.

At this point, the mother came home (the babies were no longer my own). The mother gave me a tour of the parts of the house I hadn’t seen yet. There was a really nice spiral staircase in the back of the house. I really liked it. It lead to a very large multi-room living-room. The room was packed with chairs and sofas.

The mother had inherited the house, which came furnished. We wondered how, or why, anyone would need this my furniture in their home.

The mother also had a little boy, maybe about 5 or 6-years-old. I was going on a train later that day. She asked if her son could join me since he’s love to ride on a train. I said yes.

I went to the store to get the little boy something to read on the train. I looked at some children’s science books he might like, but I instead saw a “Where’s Waldo” book I thought he’d like better.

I flipped through the pages to make sure I got a good one. I was disappointed at the pictures I saw. This book was not how I remembered it from my childhood. The pictures were not very detailed, and were really easy to find Waldo. One page only had five people drawn, so I was able to find Waldo right away.

I flipped through a couple of other versions of “Where’s Waldo” and finally found one that was more intricate.

I may have got this book more for me than the little boy.



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