I was at a summer camp. We were waiting in a lake for our next activity.

We were building our own rafts. The two logs I needed were next to me in the water.

I was really excited to build the raft. I kept calling out to the head camp counselor on shore asking him when we could start building. He kept saying “soon,” and pushing it off. I was getting impatient.

Finally, I got more supplies to build the raft. We were given color pencils to attached the two logs- one nail through each end of the pencil to hold the two logs together.

I wanted to start building right away, so I asked the counselor for some nails. He said, “I’ll give them to you after we eat. Lunch is served.”

I didn’t want lunch. I wanted to build the raft. I refused to move.

Since I wouldn’t budge, the counselor gave me the hammer and nails. I set up the color pencils (I also had two TV remotes) to be nailed into each log. I called back out to the counselor and asked with part I should nail- the body of the pencil or the sharpened point.

He said, “I’ll do it,” and came in the water. I left to have lunch.

I wasn’t hungry until I saw the food. There was so much pasta. I grabbed a big plate and filled it with spaghetti, ziti, fried ravioli, and lasagna. My plate was jam-packed. I got twice as much food as everyone else.

I ate everything on my plate and went back for seconds.


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