I was moving into a dorm. I’m not sure if it was for school, camp, or an event. It was an all girls/women’s event.

We were all eager to get inside to pick the best room. It was first come first served.

I was first in line, but everyone rushed passed me when it was time to go inside.

I was now behind. A little girl was standing next to me. I told her I’d help her find a room.

I opened the first door on the right. Every room was different- the set-up, size, decorations, theme, color, etc. This room was red, black, and was dimly lit.

I asked a worker nearby if she thought this room was too scary for the little girl, but when I asked, another woman had already claimed that room and walked inside.

The worker offered to help the little girl find a room, so I started looking for my own. All the rooms seemed to have all been taken at this point.

I went to the front desk. The woman at the desk showed me to a vacant room and unlocked it for me. When she opened the room, I peeked inside. It was a decent size, but very cluttered.

The first room was the living room. There were random items everywhere (kid’s toys, newspapers, books, trash, bikes, etc.). The kitchen was cluttered as well. There wasn’t even a little bit of counter space.

This looked like a hoarder’s beginner home, or starter kit.

Even though this was a single, a man was resting in a recliner in the kitchen. He was dirty and covered in trash. He was also reading an old, dirty newspaper.

I had no choice but to accept this room.



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