I started to prepare for our event the next day. The woman who showed me to my room explained to me what I needed to do to prepare.

She gave me a rubber sock- Like a clear rubber glove, but in the shape of a tall sock instead of a hand. We had to fill this rubber sock up with water and put only our phone case inside, then let it freeze overnight.

She demonstrated for me, and I tried to do it with my phone case. I filled the sock up with water but I forgot to take my phone out of the case before putting it inside. My phone still worked, luckily.

The next day I went to the event, but forgot my sock-glove with the frozen phone case, which I had left in my freezer. It was too late now for me to get it.

I also realized I, again, forgot to take my phone out of the case, so that was frozen as well. Everyone else had their ice rubber sock with their phone case frozen inside, except for me.

I felt pretty left out.



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