My boyfriend, Luciano, and I were staying at my house. Luciano’s ex-girlfriend was jealous, and wouldn’t leave us alone. Her name was Allison.

She kept breaking into my house. I kicked her out the front door, and tried to close and lock the door, but it wouldn’t stay closed. The latch wasn’t catching in the hole.

I had to use all of my force to close the door and turn the lock. I used my whole body, and I had to move fast so she couldn’t get back in.

Luciano and I went to bed, but heard a noise later that night. I got out of bed to take a look. My front door was open. I closed and locked it again (this time with no issues).

I looked around the rest of the house to see if Allison was still inside. I didn’t see her, so I headed back to my room, but on my way, I remembered a room I hadn’t checked.

I looked in this room (it was a back room) and saw Allison sitting on a chair. I yelled, “Get out of my house!”

Allison was angry, but got up and climbed out of the open window. As she left, she was yelling things like, “He’s mine,” and “Stay away from him!”

I closed and locked the window behind her.

I then noticed she had been cooking in an Easy Bake Oven. I looked inside and saw a mini pizza (about 3″ in diameter).

The pizza was about ready, so I took it out to eat it, but when I took it out, all that was in the pan was a small piece of burnt cheese.

I was really looking forward to that pizza.



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