I was starring in a movie, “Get Out 2” (a sequel from the first, but this was not a movie set. It was “real life”. I was in the home of the main family and was sitting with them at their dinner table.

I had a hot chocolate with whipped cream. I knew my drink was spiked or poisoned. I pretended to drink the hot chocolate using my spoon, but only eating the whipped cream. I poured the hot chocolate from my spoon back into my cup.

One my second “sip,” the father caught me pouring the hot chocolate back. “I saw what you just did!” he accused.

I yelled, “I came for the whipped cream!” and ran out the front door.

The daughter was in the front yard (who was Gloria from Modern Family). She tried to stop me, but I was able to get passed her easily.

A cop car was driving by. I waved my arms to get him to stop. I told the officer I needed a ride home, and got in the back seat. Before we were able to drive away, Gloria got in the front seat.

We were then in a minivan instead of a police car. Gloria was trying to stab me while the officer was driving. I was able to pull the knife out of her hand, but she grabbed a second knife off of the dashboard.

I was able to take this one as well, and I held down her arms while the cop continued to drive. He was driving back to Gloria’s house, which felt like it was taking forever. I eventually asked the officer how much longer, and he said we were almost there.

We finally pulled into the long driveway. I locked the back-sliding door of the minivan so Gloria couldn’t get back in. I prepared to kick her out.

As soon as we stopped, I opened the passenger side door, pushed her out, and locked the door behind her. We then drove quickly out of the driveway.

Gloria got in her car that was parked in her driveway. It was a black SUV. I tried to memorize the plate so I’d know which car was hers, but I didn’t have enough time to make a note.

The officer and I were now on the highway. Black SUV’s were all around us that looked just like Gloria’s. I was worried one of them was hers and she was following us.

The officer saw my concern, held up a set of keys, and told me not to worry. He had her car keys, so she wasn’t going anywhere.

A few months passed by. The officer told me that Gloria and her family were moving. I was happy to hear this, until he told me how close they’d be.

They were going to be about 2 hours away, which was a lot closer than before.

How wonderful.


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