I was in a room with about 5 other people. Two of them were my friends, Ian and Noah.

We were all trying to get away from an invisible man, who was trying to kill us. It’s hard to defend yourself against something you can’t see.

Every time the invisible man attacked one of us, we tried to grab him, but it was too easy for us to lose track of where he was.

The floor then turned to water, and we were wading in it waist high.

I came up with an idea to lay shirts and jackets flat on top on the water. This way we would know where the invisible man was when the clothes moved. We covered the water’s surface with as many shirts and jackets we could find.

My plan worked. We could see the loose outline of the invisible man when he swam closer to us. He was under water/clothes.

At this point, there was only three of us left- me, Ian, and Noah. The invisible man was gone, but Ian and Noah turned on me. Now they were the ones who were trying to kill me.

I managed to escape the room without them noticing. I ran outside and down the street, pretty stealthily I might add.

We were near my house, so I knew the neighborhood well. I ran to a nearby park to hide. A baseball game was happening at the park, so it was pretty crowded.

I saw Ian and Noah coming, so I tried hiding. I was near the first-base dugout. This portion of the field was about 4′ down from where the fans were, so I put myself up against this stone wall.

Ian and Noah were walking along the wall. They spotted me below. I was hoping I’d blend in with the crowd. They both had guns and shot at me, but they missed every shot.

I ran away, but they easily caught up to me. I ripped the gun out of Ian’s hand, and I knew there were only two bullets left. I said I wouldn’t miss a shot.

I got close to Ian, about 3 or 4 feet away, and pulled the trigger. I missed. How embarrassing. I had one more chance to shoot him, so I pulled the trigger.

Nothing happened.

I was too embarrassed to fear for my life at this point.


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