I was in a video game, or playing one, but it was being acted out in “real life”. There were three of us. We were going through a town that seemed abandoned (or at least mostly abandoned).

We each had a gun. The bad guys were hiding behind cars or corners. Whenever a bad guy would pop up, I’d aim for them. I could see the scope, and even though it was on target, I’d miss.

Every time we’d fail, or I missed a shot, we’d have to go back to the beginning and start over.

One the last round, I was really alert and ready to strike. I didn’t know where I was supposed to go, so I was following my two teammates.

One of the apartment buildings we passed had a bag of mixed candy outside the door. It wasn’t Halloween, but I stopped to open the bag to see what was inside. I grabbed as much candy as I could in both hands, but I had lost sight of my two teammates.

I knew they went around the corner at the end of the block. They didn’t notice I wasn’t following anymore.

I tried to catch up, but kept having to stop since every few steps I took I dropped some candy and had to pick it up.

I cared more about the candy than the “mission” we were on anyway.


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