I was at my old childhood friend’s house, Kirsten. She told me to wait for her in her room. I went to her room, and Legos were spread out around her room. She had a whole town built.

I was snooping around her room and opened a box that had a nice pattern. i had the same box at home. Kirsten came back into the room, and I was able to put the lid back on the box in time for her not to notice. I can’t remember what was inside, but my guess would be more Legos.

When she came back in the room, we talked about all of the Legos she had. We both had a lot- I told her I had a big box completely filled with Lego pieces and still had more. She also had the same problem. She wanted to get rid of the Legos, but at the same time, didn’t want to.

We completely forgot that we were meeting our fiends for lunch, so we headed over. We met them inside a Wendy’s. All of our friends were made that Kirsten and I were late.

Our three friends were already sitting in a booth, and were noticeably mad. They already finished their meals.

They also ordered for us, and got me a grilled cheese. I wanted chicken instead, but I bit my tongue. I knew this was not a time to complain.

The restaurant was very quiet. It was full of people, but no one was talking to each other. It was completely silent.

Kirsten got a toy dinosaur with her meal. I whispered to her that her collection of toy dinosaurs was now complete. She kept responding in a loud voice. Our friends kept shushing her each time.

I tried to tell her that her collection was complete now that she had a T-Rex. I even imitated T-Rex arms.

She couldn’t hear my whisper, and kept talking loudly, so I stopped trying.


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