I was back in high school. I had switched schools, and was outside my new school.

I didn’t know anyone around me, until I found a familiar face in the crowd. It was one of my softball teammates from (my “old”) high school. I walked over to her, and we started talking.

I told her about how I was sore from my workout yesterday. She said, “You better not be sore for today’s game!”

I said, “Oh, yeah, that’s right! We have our first play-off game today.”

How could I forget? I started thinking about how this very well could be my last high school softball game, and how embarrassing it would be if we didn’t make it past the first round.

Now it was time for class, so I headed inside. I didn’t know where my classroom was, so I followed another student who said she was in my class.

This class was in the basement, but it was decorated and furnished nicely. There were many doors- all different shapes and sized. It reminded me and felt like I was in Alice in Wonderland.

The student told me that this classroom was very small. It was actually supposed to be a “substitute teacher’s room.” Whatever that means.

We got to the classroom, and it wasn’t that small at all. It fit about 15-20 students. I remember being in an even smaller room at my old high school that only fit 4-5 students [which is true].

We sat down and were immediately give a test. The questions were very odd, and I didn’t know how anyone would know the answers.

I remember one question was, “Why did Domino’s start offering delivery for their pizza?”

I, surprisingly, knew the answer to this one. I remembered I read an article about it online [not true].

I wrote my answer: They started a delivery service because they received a delivery from another pizza shop that was bad. The pizza box was held on it’s side, so all of the cheese was on one side of the pizza. Domino’s wanted to offer a more reliable pizza delivery service for people.

Before I could finish going through the questions, class was over. I looked over my schedule to see where my next class was. All it said was “Meeting Place”.

I was in a stairwell when I stopped a student to see if he knew where the “Meeting Place” was. He had bushy, brown, curly hair that was sticking out, and was wearing headphones that covered his whole ear. He said, “It’s in the very back of the library. You can’t miss it.” I thanked him, and headed to the library.

He was right. It would be very hard to miss this room. In the back of the library was a big sign that said “Meeting Place” with an open entrance below.

Everyone was already seated, but I easily found an empty spot.

Again, we were given a test immediately.

And again, the questions were very odd, and I had no idea who would know the answers.

I don’t remember what these questions were, but I do remember seeing a lot of shapes.

I think I just colored those in with my pen.







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