I was in a mansion with Jack Skellington. He was my friend. He told me I could be the new Jack Skellington, and he was going to help me with the process. He took me to the basement where we could start.

When we got to the basement, I asked Jack what would happen to him once I became the new Jack Skellington. He didn’t say- he seemed kind of sad and reluctant.

He then told me that for me to become the new Jack, I had to die. I didn’t want to die. I asked him if he is able to die, since he is already dead, but he didn’t answer this question either.

To start the process, we had to play a game. I saw an Uno deck in a box in the middle of the room. I went over and grabbed the deck. Jack explained that we had to play best two out of three. If I won, I live. If I lost, I die and become the new Jack. I really wanted to be Jack, but I didn’t want to die. He still seemed reluctant, too, so I knew he was hiding something. He wasn’t telling me everything.

I gathered the cards and held them out to hand over to Jack when there was a loud noise from upstairs. We both looked up.

Jack told me it was the Lady of the House. It was her “Special Day”.

I went to look back at Jack, but he was gone.

Instead, a man and woman (husband and wife) were standing in front of me. I now had to play cards against the woman, who was very eager to start the game.

I didn’t want to play anymore. I tried to leave, but she wouldn’t let me. She became very angry and started to transform. For a moment, she reminded me of the “other mother” from Coraline.

The husband tried to stop her from hurting me- she was now fully transformed into a praying mantis. The husband hit her over the head. It seemed like he killed her, then threw her out of the house.

At first, the husband seemed to be on my side, but I quickly realized he wasn’t. I now had to play cards against him.

I hid behind a few cardboard boxes while he threw his praying mantis wife’s body out of the house. The husband easily found my hiding place.

We now had to play Crazy 8’s. I looked at each of my cards as he dealt them. Luckily, I got an 8 (a wild card), which gave me a bit of relief.

Before we could begin, we heard a loud noise from upstairs. We paused the game and joined the ruckus upstairs.



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