Everyone who lived in this house was on the first floor for the start of a gathering. This is when I noticed that everyone who lived in this house was some sort of creature.

This gathering was for the head of the household, who was also the head of the group of creatures. Her name was Mama, and it was time for me to meet her.

All the creatures were in the front hallway to greet Mama. She was 95-years-old and sat in a wheelchair with a checkered blanket over her lap.

I stepped up to meet her. She was very nice, and very wise. She told me that most of the creatures in this house were not bad. They were misunderstood.

Even though Mama was nice, I needed to escape this house. No matter how nice she was, I still wouldn’t want to play cards with the praying mantis’ husband. Or die.

I slowly made my way through the crowd to get to the front door. I turned the knob, which was surprisingly unlocked, but I knew I couldn’t leave just yet. It was too crowded and the creatures would notice.

I shut the door, but left it ajar so I could make a quick escape when the time was right. Also, to make sure it didn’t accidentally lock itself.

I went back to the crowd to hide in plane site and not look suspicious. In the living room was a large window that overlooked a large grass field. It was a bright day, but storm clouds covered most of the sky. A carnival was taking place in the field. A large crowd of people were walking from tent to tent, from one game stand to the next.

As I looked out the window, I saw someone running right to this house. It was my mom.

She barged through the front door and was armed with a bazooka-type gun that could shoot all sort of bullets. She had also brought back-up behind her.

My mom shot at the back wall, which fell clean over. I ran threw the missing wall as my mom and her small army took over the house.

Shortly after, they found me waiting outside. There was only one creature left they were looking for. The husband was killed, but we saw his praying mantis wife outside, still alive.

She was very skinny/lanky, fast, and a good distance away. One of the back-ups helped my mom change the bullets in her bazooka.

My mom aimed for the praying mantis and took a shot, but missed as the praying mantis hid behind a carnival booth.

The praying mantis then sprinted across the open field. One of the bullets hit the ground, but bounced back up and hit her, but she kept running.

My mom took one more shot; one more bullet for the kill.

Got her.









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